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CBD is legal to use and own in the UK, though it is derived directly from Cannabis, the THC is removed from it.

If you have never vaped before we recommend the 50mg Product as a starting point.

Depending on the therapeutic element of the CBD you are needing, simply increase until you are happy with the delivery and your choice of flavour.

On this matter, we can only speak for our own brands, UBLO & Cannabliss.

Yes, all our products are tested, certified and made in the UK. The CBD is organically sourced and bottled here in the UK, unlike some other cheaper products available on the market.

You do not need a special E-Cig, you simply need a medium to high wattage E-Cig to get the best of your CBD experience.

You can check on Google and also take a look at medical papers written by doctors, medical experts and consumers, who can verify the medicinal benefits of CBD oil.

You can buy directly from UBLO online and in stores.

We are also available on Amazon & Ebay.


CBD is not chemically addictive (otherwise it would not be sold legally).

We recommended initially using the CBD in small doses until you feel comfortable with the dosage that you are using.

Yes, you can, if you feel it necessary to do so.

If you are unsure about anything please feel free to contact us on sales@ublo.co.uk or sales@cannablissvape.co.uk.

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